Saturday, September 18, 2010


Remember Ubers cousin James and his wife Ashley? You've seen them a few times before on my blog most recently from our Memorial Day weekend trip. What I don't think I've told you yet is that they are also expecting their first baby in January- we found out in May when we visited them but we were sworn to secrecy... BUT not only can I tell you they are expecting I can also tell you that they are also having a BOY!!!! How exciting is that? Uber and I are stoked that Baby MAC will have a cousin (2nd cousin?!) so close in age!
So notice the awesome Thundercats shirt James is sporting in the picture above... it got LOTS of attention on our day trip into Atlanta from all sorts of different grown men. (I should add here I didn't know and still don't really what the Thundercats are all about) ANYWAY I was brainstorming something fun to send up to them and thought it would be awesome to make the boys matching Thundercats onesies...
Yeah I am pretty thrilled with the outcome! And Uber is totally stoked about it so I'm pretty sure James will love it to!
Something else a little crafty... With Mums expert help I was able to make a bunch of double sided fleece washclothes for the baby I love having someone around who is willing to read the manual on your sewing machine and tell you how to do things.
20 washclothes for less than $5 ... can't beat that!

Lots more baby stuff to come! I know you are SO excited!


  1. That is way cool about them having a baby boy too. The onesies are darling! You will need to get pictures of them.

  2. Thundercats....Thundercats!...THUNDERCATS!!! HO-O!!

    I was totally a Thundercats fan as a kid. I have the whole first season on DVD, and I watch it when I'm feeling nostalgic. Did I mention I named my first cat Tigra? So yeah, these onesies definitely have the official Adrienne Stamp Of Approval. :)

  3. Okay, I have no knowledge of "Thundercats". But, I do like the graphic o the onesies. And really cute washcloths. LOVE those!

  4. I love this idea! They look so professional too.


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