Friday, June 17, 2011

Bias Skirt

If you don't follow Crafterhours, (you should really check them out, they are nice people who say nice things about me....) then you don't know about this skirt. Jess and I made this tutorial for their skirt week.  It is an easy bias skirt we made from linen and jersey knit. 
I want to wear mine all the time. 
Go to Crafterhours for the tutorial.
If you happen to make a shirt, the skirt waistband and the skirt in the same color fabric, you can have something that looks like a dress but is far more versatile. 

We're so lucky he puts up with us.
Hammock vs Uber
Guess who won?


  1. Great skirt and precious photos!!

  2. Great pictures, happy you put your's and Jessica's pictures on your blog. That boy looks so fun to hold and play with. love the pic's of him with his young g-parents!

  3. I love this skirt!!! I need to check out the tutorial. I need to get me some jersey. I love it in the green with the top the same so it looks like a dress!

  4. love these skirts and the pictures!

  5. I just made this skirt today and LOVE it! Your directions were super easy to follow and my skirt fits great. I would have never thought to put the knit with a non-knit. Thanks for such a great tutorial!

  6. love the pictures with the baby!! So good to see you:) The skirt looks really cool. So cool you were featured on crafterhours!


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