Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skirt Week!! Wrap Skirt Attempt 1

It seemed like a good time to do this since it's Skirt Week over at Crafterhours. Go on over to their Flickr pages, with five categories, there are already a bunch of lovely skirts in the pools that will inspire you to
  sew something
Last week or so (were does the time go?) Jess and I were talking about wrap skirts. It's kind of a love hate thing. The comfort factor isn't quite were I want it. The ties tend to shift. Sometimes they take a lot of fabric. I'd been contemplating it since then and Friday night around 7pm (cause that's the way I do things these days) I decided to experiment. 

I started with this much lovely jersey knit, 
 and a scant thirty one inches of yummy Art Gallery fabric. 
I ended up with this. 
I never felt like it was going to gape or fall off or strangle my waist. 
 I won't wear it with my shirt tucked in, this is just to show you how it looks at the top. 
You can also see I haven't managed to hem it yet. I am going to hem it (I am Jessica, promise.) I have decided to round off the angle at the bottom. 
This is how I wore it out on Saturday. Yes I did, un-hemmed and all. It was that comfortable. 
Should I try it again, work out the kinks and tell you how? 
Would you be interested?
This is just because he's so cute and I know that there are those of you who only come here for the chance of seeing this face.


  1. yes I'm the skirt, looks very comfortable. Maybe I could actually make one.

    That boy, thanks for the picture. He is beautiful......<3

  2. Love the little boy pictures! You can never have enough of those! ;-)

    Oh, the sewing... well, I'm interested, but I'm sure it's more difficult to make than you make it sound.

  3. HAHA I am still with holding judgement until I can see it hemmed :P

  4. love this! looks so comfortable! I would love a tutorial.

  5. I like it, and that fabric. Also I kind of like it unhemmed, oh, or maybe just sew ribbon on? Or go all out with pom pom trim! be brave!

  6. It does look comfy! And I kinda like it with the selvage showing. Could be shorter... but the selvage is still kinda neat! :)

  7. That boy is just so cute!!!

    I think the skirt is cute too - I'd be interested.

  8. Cute! If it's simple, I would love to know how it's done. I get bogged down when it gets complicated...

    That child is precious. I take it he likes the water?

  9. oooh, I like the knit top, AND the selvage. I don't know if I'd hem it...

  10. art gallery fabric will always remind me of you! I love knit wasit bands!

  11. I don't quite know how I got here but I'm glad I did just to meet your sweet little hunk.


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