Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Tree

I ordered this pattern after Jennifer blogged about it here. I had seen her prints a few years ago and saved the picture... and then had no idea where I had found it so I was super happy to find it again and to see that she had an embroidery version out because I like it even more than the print. 
I thought it would be the perfect project for our car trip- and it was but it took considerably longer than our trip to complete... who knew traveling with a baby in the car gives you less time? 

 I went back and forth on pillow or wall hanging but pillow won out... I can always stretch it later...
 I added the green stripe for fun- after having to do it on my other pillow I have grown to like the detail.

I need to find more short term projects to do so I have more to show you!

And just because look at what this guy got a hold of yesterday. His face cracks me up it's like - DUDE have you seen this stuff?-- AMAZING! Funny but I hope he doesn't make a habit of it!


  1. The pillow is very cool, love it. Wish I still enjoyed doing handwork, used to, not now.

    That boy looks so happy to be discovering new things. What fun you have ahead of you. Can't wait to see him and squeeze him. Love that look on his face. And I bet that is just what he is thinking! Love him!

  2. Oh my gosh! Dilly-girl just sent me a picture of grand-baby doing the same thing. Only HIS look seemed to be saying "What? I'm not doing anything...." Too funny how these two are doing identical things!

    I LOVE the pillow! I might have to try this one too! 'Cuz THAT I could do!

  3. Brilliant! I've been trying to figure out what to do for wedding presents and not been feeling much quilty inspiration.

  4. omg i love this project :) genious seriously :)

  5. Lovely pillow. He looks so cute. You just have to watch him when he realises where you normally put toilet paper and decides to pull a whole roll off and put it in the toilet in one go!

  6. Sweet pillow....& when you have an extra few dollars, buy him a box of tissues & let him have at it! My MIL loves having Kleenex at her house for this reason only!

  7. Love the pillow! I may commission you to do one for me....

    Love your idea Heather! I may have to do that..

  8. Funny, I have this on my "immediate" to-do list for a friend that just got married. the same pattern. I love seeing how yours turned out! I may go an easier route because we're moving this month! And the TP, my son has gone back and forth with tearing it apart for almost a year and a half now =] Micah's got the perfect expressions, darling boy!

  9. That is an adorable idea for a pillow!! Love it.


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