Thursday, October 20, 2011

1st Birthday Invitations

I know I am finally getting to Micah's birthday. 
I went back and forth trying to decide on a theme and then it hit me - It had to be an Oktoberfest. 
So here are the invites, party pictures will be tomorrow.  


  1. That is WAAAAAY cool! Very nice design, and clever! Bet you guys had a blast!

  2. These were the cutest invitations ever! I think the design would be great on a wedding invitation too, great job Jess!

  3. So sorry I don't think any of you and your brother's first birthdays were this fun....

  4. I love these!!!! So that's why you were pinning so many october fest ideas on pinterest! I love the colors and design is perfect. Well done you!!

  5. These are awesome, Jess!! LOVE the design!! So very clever. :)

  6. Aww how cute!
    Love the cookie necklaces.. what a great idea!


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