Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We went on a 'little' road trip a few weeks ago and our first stop was Atlanta to see some of Ubers family 
 Micah met his cousin G-Rex for the first time - he's 3 months younger 
 Apparently I seriously need to work on my picture taking skills because out of a hundred or so pictures I think I took one that wasn't blurry.... 

 We had so much fun visiting. Hopefully the boys will get to see a lot of each other. 
Next up is Tennessee. 
I know I promised b-day pics but we are currently missing the memory card that has them on it .... soooo.... hopefully we will find it soon.... send good thoughts our way on that!


  1. The boys are so cute together!

    Update on lost memory card... Hooray! It's found I don't have to be sad anymore. Except for the fact that I didn't take enough pictures....

  2. How fun! Atlanta this time of year can be really nice. And especially so when you're out visiting family!!

    So glad the memory card has been found. Now, chop-chop! Let's get those photo's posted! ;-)


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