Friday, November 19, 2010

I Knitted My Bit

Knitting has always intrigued and yet eluded me. I've tried hard to understand it but until my sister came and showed me I just wasn't getting it. Poor Sherie, I don't know how many times she asked if I was really sure I wanted to knit. I got to between round 9 - 13 six times and tore it out. I know I will never be a knitter but at least I know can say I have knitted. 
This yarn is gorgeous. Thank you Mary for giving me such loveliness. I've been saving it for something special. The pattern is called Candle Flame Cowl from here

 My real goal is to be able to make wash cloths. This pattern is from Purl Bee . Sherie has made a couple of these for me and I want more. I keep thinking I should be able to make them myself instead of bugging her. The knitting needles below were made by a friend. Yes Joan, I still love purple! 
Gratuitous grandchild shot. I love this boy.


  1. That looks like some complicated knitting!!!

    Love the gratuitous grandson!

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  3. so cool you're knitting! It's gorgeous and looks like the ones your sister made for the store. That baby looks entirely too happy! and those yummy legs!

  4. Well sheesh! You could have picked a simpler project!! WOW! It's really pretty! I love how it's wavy around your chin. Very pretty.

  5. That cowl is simply gorgeous! Kudos!

    *hugs* for Micah. :)

  6. You can truly do anything you put your mind to, you and the cowl are beautiful! I just need to nibble a little on the boo!

  7. The cowl is so pretty! It might disappear... I mean get lost?!?

  8. I thought that was the yarn I gave you! I always look at pictures before I read =) It looks so pretty on you. It screamed your name at me in the store! Are baby booties next?

    Oh man that baby gets better looking in every picture. I'd never be able to put him down or stop kissing him =)

  9. I so love that cowl - it looks very complicated but then I am officially the worlds worst knitter. I have tried many times over the years and failed to master even the most basic knitting. It's kind of a standing Joke. I so wanted a hand knitted cowl I even asked mum if she'd have a go at knitting one for me but whilst she can knit she doesn't so I'll just have to keep admiring yours and the adorable baby photos!

  10. This made me laugh because I too want so badly to knit, but it just does not like me. I tried to make Charlotte a hat and it turned out awful! So glad to meet u last night at the wedding!


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