Friday, July 25, 2014

Isabella's quilt

So rewind to when Bella was turning one. This was her gift from me. An absolutely delicious  star quilt from Denyse Schmidt's Chicopee line. I pinned this one and couldn't get it out of my head (  apparently it isn't her original idea either) But who ever came up with it was genius! I LOVE it.

 It is a generous double size quilt
 And hand quilted in a purl cotton. 
 Bella still hasn't used it (or the peacock quilt for that matter) but they are both in her room. I am sure she will use the peacock one when we get her in her own room (right now the kids share a room). The kids literally have loads of handmade blankets so I don't feel too bad saving some of them for when they don't have to be washed at least once a week... They love all of their blankets. Infact they know whose are whose and do not want to share them.... 
 Someday soon this will be gorgeous on her bed. 

And a little bit of one year old Bella... in some adorable oliver and s shorts made by mom... which we probably never blogged. I actually spent yesterday going through all of Bellas handmade baby stuff for a cousin that will be arriving in December... and unfortunately I don't think we blogged most any of them.
Time sure is flying by!  


  1. I love it! When both of my kids turned two, they each received two matching quilts, one from me and one from my mom. (It probably ended up being more like 2 1/2 when they actually received them) Now that my girl is turning 10, it's probably time for me to make her a new one!

  2. That is one of the most gorgeous quilts ever! I absolutely love it! I wish I had bought more of that fabric line, but at least I got a table runner out of it. :)

  3. THIS.IS.GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I love the colors, the design and the patterns. The plaids and stripes.ugh. love it!!! oh and the hand stitching is perfect for this!

  4. Beautiful quilt, you did great on the color placement! Beautiful Bella, too, what a dolly ~

  5. Jessica I love everything about that quilt! What a great quilter you have become! love many times over.


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