Monday, September 1, 2014

Shark Pencil Case

My grand littles were getting ready to embark on a trip. I started making silly things to occupy them. First up, a shark pencil case for the boy. The pattern is from here. It's free and fun!

shark pencil bag sewing kids
The mouth zipper is the only fussy part of the pattern and I think it was worth the time it took to work with the small space and get it smooth. I did end up doing a bit of hand sewing. 
I love making things for the kids. How about you? What's the silliest thing you've made?


  1. That's cool! Like a mini version of the other bag... Was it a fish? Alligator? Anyway, this one is fun!

  2. I'm downloading the pattern right now! I love it. It sooo super cute.


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