Friday, September 5, 2014

Cat Bag

Next up in the bags for traveling kids series.... Kitty Cat pencil case. This was inspired by a pin I'd seen that led back to Tokyoinspired. This is our take on it. I love it a lot. 
created blissfully - wool cat pencil case
I made it with some gorgeous felt that I purchased in Germany from the loveliest little shop, which I am now kicking myself that I cannot remember the name. 
created blissfully - wool cat pencil case
It's unlined and except for the feet and buttons, the embellishing is by machine. Small pieces of wool for the stripes sewn on before assembling the front and back. Doing the nose and whiskers was fun. Scribbling with the machine might be something I should try more often.
created blissfully - wool cat pencil case
Then Jessica said, "Wouldn't it be cute if it had a fish?" 
So I did.
And it is.
created blissfully - wool cat pencil case
If for some reason Miss Boo doesn't like this, I may be stealing it back....


  1. Can't stand the cute!!! GAH!!! I love the little fish! Was the shop the one over in Renningen? If not, I can't help you... But I know that one had felt on the bolt.

  2. Too lovely. I would love to have it, you inspiring me to create something :)

    Great job!!! x

  3. Was it the shop we went to Corinnea? Drove forever to get to? I don't know the name:) Just want to know if it's the one. I still have a lot of my pieces left (hoarded). So thick and beautiful...

    You already know I love this kitty!!!! LOVE it! Everything about it is perfect. Like Kelly said, can't stand the cute!

  4. so cute. I love the little fish on the zipper.


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