Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spice Jars

Have you seen the fun hexagon spice jars like these?
Mom and I thought they were AWESOME so we ordered a ridiculous amount of jars and made our own. With the twist of etching the name of the spice on the side. We just have ours stored in a drawer for now- as our current kitchen setups have no good place for massive amounts of magnetized hexagons -but they still make me super happy to look at! 


  1. I bought the etching kit when I got my silhouette and have yet to use it! Did you like it? easy? Works good? I love these bottles and hadn't seen them before. They are genius since they won't roll off a shelf or counter. Where are they magnetized?

    1. We haven't magnetized them yet. The people who sell them glue a magnet under the lid... I wanted to looking how safe that was (glue and magnet) to be in contact with food?! I might still do it at some point... if I ever have a spot to want to magnetize them to.

      I didn't use the kit. I bought the etching cream from michaels. I did use the silhouette to cut out the words though. We bought the bottles from a place near sacramento. We had them shipped but you might be able to drop by there next time you are in town... We still have a ton I might list them or something if we don't think of something to use them on soon.

    2. unfortunately when you respond here** I don't see the response unless I come back and look to see if you posted one! **which is nice for anyone in the future looking through comments to see if a question they want answered was asked and answered.

  2. I like the etching. I keep mine in a drawer too and I love it. You can see everything at once!


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