Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Kitty is Born

If you have read Jenny P.'s blog, you know she has links to a lot of fun sites. While looking at Wee Wonderfuls I came across Pointy Kitty. After working on the Cathedral Window quilt, I needed something silly to occupy my time. I got him mostly-done Sunday night and realized I had run out of stuffing. As I was working yesterday, it was no problem to spend yet more money at the shop. So last night I completed my little Tom cat. He is surrounded by a bed of the little flowers I am obsessed with crocheting. I am bringing him to work with me for safety reasons. Brinkley, my lovely golden, thinks I made it for him even though he has his own live cat. Evie,the afore mentioned clever yet wicked cat, seems jealous so there is no telling what she has planned. Hope you like him. Maybe you will spot him somewhere in the store......


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