Sunday, March 2, 2008

Drowning in projects

So many projects, so little time. As if I didn't have enough to do, I am one of the suckers who signed on to do the the cathedral window quilt. I got my fabric, washed it, and got my sewing kit together. What I didn't do was read all the instructions. What I know now is there are a million blocks in this quilt. I may have to hurt Kelly....... Today I completed 3 large blocks, 2 small blocks and I am not sure I want to look at them again. So I went on to a smaller fun project, got mostly done to find out I didn't have enough stuffing to complete it! I did get a small bag done and now I am crocheting tiny flowers again. If all else fails, I can crochet tiny flowers.......


  1. You know you love me!!! And that quilt will be so worth it when it's finished! Ioana finished all her "A" blocks! I've still only done the one. I'm such a bad example... :(

  2. She must have been sewing like a fiend! I am fast, and that is all I could get done on Sunday.


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