Sunday, March 16, 2008

No time to blog

It was a long week...... I started off with so much energy and today feel as if the life was sucked out of me. Monday we got a pattern in that Jennifer told me about. It is called Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribbs. I was so excited about the pattern, I bought fat quarters from our Fresh Cut line and went home to sew. Around 8 that night I finally had time to start cutting. I cut and sewed for three hours that night, then got up, sewed for two more the next morning and was done with the top. I really like the way it went together! Even though I only had eight different fat quarters instead of twenty, it looks great. Kelly told me to hang it in the shop, I complained that it was not complete but did it anyway and before I could get it hung, two people asked for the book! Kelly loves being right... I have yet to get a good picture of it but I will post the one I have. This is an addictive quilt style, I have started picturing all of our lines done in it. Anyone out there need a quilt? I may have several to choose from.....

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you finaly posted about it! It's beautiful and I can see all of our lines out of it too!


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