Tuesday, March 18, 2008


At this time I must admit to having half of my faculties in order. I surround myself with clever people to try and cover up this fact. In my last post I gave credit to Jennifer for the idea of getting the Turning Twenty quilt pattern when it was in fact my daughter, Jessica. Last night, when she kindly pointed this out to me in an email, I felt terrible. I am trying to figure out how to blame this on the two of them. I know, they are both clever, talented people who give me so many good ideas that I get confused!! Does that work? Anyway, I blogged about my Mema and told ya'll that I have been surrounded by talent all my life. What I haven't said yet is that I managed to produce three talented people. Much more clever than me most days. I hope Jessica doesn't mind but I am putting up pictures of something she has done. They are growth folios. They can be hung on the wall or stored in their compact 6 x 6 size on a shelf. She painted each one with cool bugs and plants leaving enough room for notes. There is a pocket for a picture on the front. She has also personalized them. So said all of that to say, THANK YOU Jessica. Oh and BTW you need to pick out fabric cause I feel another quilt top needs to be made....

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  1. I love the growth charts! What a cool idea! Too much talent in your family...


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