Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One down, so many to go......

Finally finished one of the quilt tops..... Ok, I only tied this one instead of quilting it, but it counts. I will put it up in the shop and hope it inspires someone. Speaking of the shop, I just want the crew to know that you all have been VERY inspired this week! What fun ideas we have come up with in the last few days. If we can even get half of them done, it will be great, but I think we can do it all! Can't wait to see your butterflies hung Jennifer, Katelyn was working hard to try and finish them.... Then there is the new fabric...... YUM! See ya'll tomorrow!


  1. this quilt is soooo cute and perfect for a boy! It inspires me! ANd let me just say that I have NEVER been more inspired than I am now and i know that's in part becasue of you. My sewing mentor...

  2. Looks great, Corinnea! Such a talented lady. :)


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