Saturday, June 14, 2008

Too much going on

Since I can't focus enough to complete anything, you get pictures..... They are random, they are favorites, they are probably nothing you are interested in but it makes me feel better to know I posted something.....

Downtown Stuttgart.....

If you haven't been to the Wilhelma, you must go!

Brinkely, on his way to Garmisch. Another spot you shouldn't miss.One of the billions of beautiful scenes you may see...


  1. I love all those places too. So, I guess a convertible must be every dog's dream come true, huh? Does he love it?

  2. that last photo is SO Germany! Great photos!

  3. I love Garmisch!!! That was one of my favorite places in Europe. We took the convertible once and the drive was fabulous!! I started a blog, so you can see Keara growing up. Here is the address
    Hope you enjoy the pictures!

  4. Hooray Margaret!

    Garmisch shouldn't be so fun because of all the "tourists" but it is!
    Sometimes it gets too windy for Brink with the top down. He loves popping his head up when we go slow though!


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