Sunday, June 1, 2008

1 Tandem + 1 Flat Tire = A Long Walk Home

So you may have seen us out there this evening. I finally consented to a bike ride, on the tandem no less. The scenery was gorgeous. We waited until evening when the temperatures were lower. It started off a bit sketchy, I am not a good bike rider, but that wasn't the problem. There was a guy, driving a car, he was stupid. I mean WHO passes a car when they are turning right at an intersection, on a narrow two way street? My Dearly Beloved is a great bike rider and I refrained from screaming and flailing so all is well..... until the hill and the gears going wonky. I must say again, because of the DB, I did not hit the ground very hard.... and off we went again. I was doing a lot of thinking as we went along. Things like, OK, this is not so bad, I can DO this, WHY do I wait so long to do this, look at the pretty ferns, uh oh here comes another hill, I hate hills, I am over this, if he says one more time this is the hardest part I may have to kill him, (mind you all of these thoughts were over about an hours time). My last really big thought was, oh my, I REALLY don't want to be riding this bike anymore..... and that last thought is what did us in, seriously, be careful what you wish for. I heard the pop, but he didn't say anything so I thought, whatever...... I then started telling him (loudly) I really need to stop and get something to drink. His reply was, we are ONLY ten minutes from home! I grumbled a bit but kept pedaling because I am a trooper. I was not paying attention, so missed what the DB said at first, I was hoping it was something like, Hey! let's stop for something to drink after all because you have done a really great job and I know you're really thirsty and the water bottle is almost empty. Actually, what he said was, I think we have a flat. At that moment, I knew I had gotten what I wished for and it was not actually what I wanted. Now, what you must understand is, he was trying to encourage me when he said we were only ten minutes from home. We were more like twenty minutes from home. This turned into a forty minute walk with the DB pushing the tandem. I was carrying the helmets and let me tell you they were heavy. The good news is, it was a beautiful evening for a walk and there is no one on earth I would have rather been with...


  1. HAHAHA That is SOOO AWESOME I was totally rolling while reading that I can completely picture the whole thing... though I am suprised there was no singing described anywhere in the I dont want to be doing this part of the story... We went to the Dowdys tonight for dinner (I think it is the first since you were here :( ) It was great!! YUMMY food and there daughter renovated there house since then!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

  2. Jess said I had to commentJune 1, 2008 at 9:35 PM

    Hmmm between that possible outcome and the likely hood that Jess would just not peddle.... I think I'll be staying away from the tandem bikes. Thanks for the warning.

  3. Loving daughter. There was singing, in my head, I really was trying not to bug your dad too much.....

    Dear Other.... Did you miss the, I was a trooper part???

    Love you guys!

  4. oh that sucks! Was it hot out? Because if that was me and it was hot, people in CHINA whould have heard me complain! You are a trooper:)

  5. Ok, I admit I only skimmed the blog since I got most of the story in person... Sorry about the big knot on your leg!

  6. you are so much of a better wife than i am, i would have thrown a huge hissy fit, before ever even getting on the bike, am convinced bikes are the brainchild of the devil!!! glad it all turned out well!

  7. Who said I didn't throw a huge hissy before getting on the bike?......

  8. Bikes, bad, no ride!!!!


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