Monday, June 9, 2008

Look at what she made!

My daughter, the clever one! You can see some of her other things here. This is screen printed using freezer paper templates. She had to hand cut each one. Her first were a whole bunch for a friend's baby shower and I really wanted one too! Jessica, I love it! For those of you here, I will wear it to work so you can see it up close.

This is something I made last week. My dear friend Dora gave me the recipe. Did you know you can deep fry Elderberry flowers? They are good! Of course I think they were the right flowers. Don't tell you know who, he ate them and liked them. When I told Dora that I hoped they were the right ones, she was not happy with me. She is still not sure I haven't killed us.......


  1. I cant believe you got that already I just mailed it on Tuesday!!! I may start getting unrealistic expectations!!! I am glad you like the shirt it looks a little big!!! I have a few new projects to show you... going to go out and take pictures really fast and will email them to you... LOVE

  2. Jessica needs to move here so she can work and teach with us. She's has her mama's skills. I loved the shirt and i want to know how she did it.

  3. Jessica, GET A BLOG!!!! Or move here! Either works for me. WAY FREAKIN CUTE!

    And, deep fried flowers... hmm... are you going to make them for us to sample? (The right ones for me please. No death foods today!)

  4. That shirt is SO cute! I love it! Is she going to start selling them on her Etsy shop??? :) very awesome!!

  5. I think Juliette over at Chickpea studios fried some flowers the other day too! You know I love Jessica's stuff-I've been telling you to tell her to get a BLOG! Tell her she only has to post pics not write epic stories (if she uses work and other stuff as an excuse as to why she can't do one)! I think she's got a lot more stuff to inspire me with. And thank her for the canvas pocket hanger thingy, please. that was soo very nice of her:) if she had her own blog I could thank her myself...

  6. I am trying to help her blog as we speak!


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