Thursday, March 19, 2009

More me time

It's been an extremely productive week for crafting... of course that could be because I have been running away from work! Doing 8 hour days instead of 10 gives you SO much more time! who knew?
I whipped together these oversized pillows yesterday out of the fabric that was supposed to be for a table cloth. I LOVE them! And PLEASE people resist the urge to look under my couch... I am so ashamed!! Though apparently not enough to sweep and retake the picture... uhh... yeah about that.

Anyway... they are 26x26 and SO perfectly soft and squishy. I wanted to get down filled but couldn't find any that weren't a mix of feather and down... which is strictly not allowed in the house! There is nothing that is more annoying then being poked when you are trying to get comfy! Instead I went with a polyfil but they are the softest most scrumptous polyfil I think I have ever felt. They're Uber approved, which is the highest qualification of comfort you can have people.
You probably wouldn't believe it but these are the first real pillows I have made for myself. I know it's crazy because I make so many!!

Here's a little taste of spring for everyone that is still in winter. The hydrangea is LOVING it's new home.... as long as I remember to water it...
We went for a walk tonight in SHORTS people...and I am hoping Sunday involves some walking on the beach... I'll let you know!


  1. LOVE the pillows!!!

    I won't look under the couch if you don't look at my entire house...

    Gorgeous hydrangea!

  2. Lovely pillows! It's nice to actually make something for yourself isn't it? =-)

    As for the couch... Isn't it totally amazing how bits of furf just seem to find it's way under there so quickly?=-)

    Hydrangeas are gorgeous!

    Honestly, shorts? You make Florida sound like a good place to live.... eeeyyyyeeeeewwwwww!


  3. The pillows look great. Good job. Dust under the couch, normal here at my house.....


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