Friday, March 6, 2009

Felting 1st attempt

My title could also be,
This is all Sherie's and Joan's fault.
Why, why, why don't I take before pictures????
Oh I know! Because I finished the crocheting at 9:30 last night and started the felting.
So it started out like this. A chunky wool, a bit more pastel than I like but it's pretty. I made the entire form of the purse. My measurements were about 18 by 11 for the body of the purse. The handles were almost 10 inches above the purse.
I started trying to felt it in the sink since I don't have a top load washer. It was going to take forever so I just threw it in my machine, on hot and hoped for the best. I think it finished at about 3 in the morning..... When I woke up this morning I found this!!!! Well, I did have to attach the button. It now measures about 12 X 6, the handles are about 6 inches above the purse. I have got them rolled in just like I was hoping would happen!
It was kinda scary not being able to see the felting process. I couldn't choose to stop it any sooner. But all in all it was fun. I wonder if I can do it again and get nearly the same results.


  1. this is soooo cool! I've always wanted to do felting...I want to see this inperson. Very cool Corinnea:) Stop doing cool things! You're showing up the rest of us!

  2. no no, keep doing cool things Corinnea, it's inspiring! I love felting, it worked well in the washer! right on!

  3. Very neat! I want to see it for real!

  4. You know how I feel about wool, but even I can admit this is way cool!

  5. This is soo good!!!! Love the design, isnt there something just so wacky fun about doing this? Now, try a felted hat.... I'm to chicken to so you go first!

  6. Awesome! It is soooo cute! So are you going to do any needle felting to it? You've got to try a project that you can do the needle felting to. You're actually lucky that you couldn't "check" your purse in the washer. I was constantly stopping the washer to see how the bag was doing! Rather nerve wracking to say the least!
    Hmmmm, a felted hat. Perhaps I should try that! Yup, I think I will, it sounds too cool!


  7. You all are driving me crazy!!!!! Thats all I'm going to say....

  8. Thanks everyone!!! I am rather proud. This is not from a pattern. I just read a bunch and started making it the size I thought it should be. So yeah, really cool that it turned out so well.

  9. Oh MY GOSH! No pattern? At all? How, how, how?! I want to be you! And, no, I have not begun the hat. I am still working on the silly sleeveless cardigan! Honestly, it looked easy! Anyhoooooo, too much going on here but I will get to the hat! Honest, unless you are going for it. I'm sure you'll have it done lickety split! ;-)


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