Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally presenting...

...my logo - and I did it all by myself!! I've had this thing a quarter of the way finished for over two months sitting in a pile of things that need to get done eventually. Last night I finally sat down and got busy on it. Here is my initial drawing

I inked it in and moved some things around for flow it's just slightly different from the first drawing.

Then I scanned it in and went to town in photoshop elements which I really hadn't used before... I think it went pretty well considering I have never tried take a drawing and turn it into a graphic before. My initials still need a little work smoothing out the edges but over all I am really stoked with it.

Let me know what you think ... I am thinking about finally getting tags printed up like mums. I am also thinking I may need to copy Kelly and finally pick up a pen tablet. I have had it in the back of my mind since last year when I saw it on Heather Baileys March of tools (which is going on again right now with more neat things to drool over). I am currently stalking the Wacom Intuos3 for anyone who may be interested (I would love opinions).
Alright I am off to my first guitar lesson -eek! I wasn't expecting it to be until next week!!


  1. LOVE IT. LOVE LOVE LOVE. That probably sounds a bit biased but I do really love it.

    Buy it do it!!!

    How'd the lesson go???

  2. I love it, it's really cool.

  3. Logo: Gorgeous. Not too big for tiny tags? You might want to try it before you order 1000.

    Tablet: Well duh. Buy it. The one you're looking at is the next step down from the one I really really want, and one step up from the one I bought. But if you're going to go ahead and take that pricy of a plunge you may as well get the one with the biggest "active area" you can afford. And make sure it's the same ratio as the computer you will use it on. Ex: if you have a wide screen monitor get a wide screen tablet. And shop around for the best price.

    Now off to see the parade of tools I need to drool over...

  4. Yeah I am sure I will buy it (or at least one maybe not quite that one) just have to wait until I have a few hundred dollars lying around burning a hole in my pocket! As soon as I get more work coming in from Gordy I will purchase it...he keeps telling me to get ready...

    As for the labels the logo actually looks pretty decent small. I pulled it up on my iphone and it was only 3/4 inch large and it still looks ok. But I was wanting larger labels anyway so I will probably go a little bigger.

    Guitar lessons- LOVED them! I have a teenage teaching me but he does a really good job(more patience then I would have)! The lessons are private for 30 minutes and he gives you enough to get you through a week on your own. I went home and practiced for another hour and can play a song (though not anything amazing...and not well...haha)and have my Em and E chords as well as notes BCDEFG memorized. I am going to try and stick with only what he gave me and learn it well and not rush ahead... mainly because my fingers REALLY hurt! But I dont think I am going to have any problems practicing and I taught Matt everything he taught me so maybe we will both just learn at the same time, he seems to enjoy it too.

    Kelly- I am really interested in your opinion because most of what I have been reading is saying not to go larger than you need to because it requires more movement of your whole arm to use so I was thinking about just going with the 6x8 because it's not small and it isn't large. Which one exactly was you dream one? Are you looking at the Cintiq 12wx? Or at the Intuos4? I was just looking at the 3because it is last years model and is cheaper...How are you liking the Bamboo Fun? That was originally what I was looking at b/c of the affordability but Matt was like just get a better one... and who can argue with that...though I still might because of the $$... so let me know if you really like it or if you would wait a little longer for the larger one.

  5. Wow! The logo is awesome! It's going to look great printed up! Go for it! I'll have to buy something of yours now just so I can show off, saying "I know the artist"! =-) Seriously, cool tag.

    As for the Pen board... Yikes... technology!

    And hurray for you taking guitar lessons! And such a quick study too! =-)

  6. love the logo, have no idea what a pen board is but i say buy it!!!!

  7. Jess, I didn't get the bamboo fun because it came with software I didn't need. I got the plain black bamboo, 4x6 active area. I love it! I want the Cintiq. They are amazing! I did figure out that you can put a piece of paper on the tablet and trace with the pen and it goes through. So that's really cool. But the screen is slightly too small. I think I would like one that is close to a full sheet of paper, but the half sheet would be nice. But until I sell something I made with it, it's really pointless to buy a bigger one. This one is working out just fine! I paid $70 and it was worth it!

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! You are soooooooooooo talented:) It's just gorgeous!

  9. Jessica, you just amaze me. I do not read your blog very often, but when I do I am so impressed with your talents for such a young 24 year olf "girl". Of course there are many talents in your family. Keep up the good work.


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