Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've been lazy!

I finally pulled out my copy of Seams to Me By Anna Maria Horner and tried out the Pin Cushion Caddy Pattern. I like the outcome but I had a few issues getting it to come together like it was supposed to. If you are thinking about trying this out a few things I would of liked to have known.
1) stay stitch the top of the 8 ball forming pieces it will save you alot of misery because my fabric kept getting stretched out every time I went to sew it to the took me four times of ripping the seam back out to have it match up without bunching.
2) you dont need double sided fusible interfacing - why is this called for??
3) I would double up on the interfacing for the tube I haven't done it before but I will try before I make this again. I had the thickest stuff (like cardboard) and it still cant hold up to proper stuffing of the ball
4) When you stuff the cushion find something to stuff in the tube (I used a glass it fit in perfectly) if you dont put something inside the walls sometimes cave in to more of a donut shape

Over all it was a fun project though I am thinking about giving this one away because it made me mad....

Uber and I are switching to filtered water... We both came to the conclusion that our bottled water habit was getting ridiculous. In our defense our water tastes like it came out of a garden hose... which is fine when you are drinking out of a water hose but no fine when it is in your kitchen. Of course we got to this decisions for different reasons I hate the waste of plastic and Uber just hates taking out the trash... because he is lazy!
We went and picked up some cool water bottles (we carry water everywhere here... which is part of the reason we love bottled water) They are tin so no plastic chemical worries... plus how can you resist such fun funky designs? What is going to be awesome is not haveing to collect the 20-30 bottles that are sitting around the house and rolling around in the back seat every week.

On other side notes I finished the whole Twilight Series and found it fun, not amazing but definately fun-book 4 was definately the best I never thought the book would go there. We tried to watch the movie but I personally thought the movie was TERRIBLE and ruined the whole story. The acting was terrible did any of the producers even read the book?? I never thought of Edward and sniveling and whinny but boy did the movie make him that way! Anyway I hope the movie doesn't keep people from reading the book! The books are GOOD! It totally reminds me of what a terrible job they did with the Eragon movie... not that it was as bad as Twilight but the book was SOO much better! Alright I will wrap that up but I would love to hear what you all thought!
I am off to watch a The Office... if I am good I will craft while I am watching... I'm not very good though!


  1. No matter how mad it made you, it's really cute! I will try to look at the pattern soon but looks like you have it all figured out with some good advice to boot!

  2. The ball is cool, and bottles look like the German ones, and I had issues with the movie but it made me want to read the books. (I haven't read them but DH did) and just to repeat, the ball is cool!

  3. the cushion ball is really cool! Makes me want to make one..I LOVED LOVED LOVED the books. Like a teenager loved the books:) I read them all twice and have them on audio books! I was so disappointed in the movie. So very upset by it! It was complete crap. They added stuff and took a lot out. I cannot believe the author let them do this. Having said all that, I will still own the movie:)

  4. Kelly- The bottles at least the grey one is Swiss and I am not sure about the green one it is Giaim or something I dug them because they looked german... Im wierd.
    Jenny- I am glad someone else found the movie disapointing... you are funny though that you are going to buy it! Matt would never let me because I kind of yelled at the movie for a good 45 minutes about what a disgrace it was....

    The ball is growing on me...

  5. Love the ball!!! It is so pretty plus useful...
    Loved the books, haven't seen the movie, but will. Books are ususally better than the movie. However, I did think they did a good job on the Eragon movie. I'm trying to get Brisingr read,I keep getting sidetracked so can't get past the into yet. By the way,no one would ever accuse you of being lazy.......


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