Sunday, May 10, 2009


It was a GORGEOUS weekend! We spent Saturday morning at the beach (surprise, surprise) and went to the driving range today... which was a blast because I am improving (this of course isn't saying much)... and I bought Uber a fairway wood so now I get to play with a fun club all the time! No sharing for us!
Here are some beach pictures for all of you with crummy weather

Here's one for mom and dad. The dog on the right was a gorgeous golden

the dog had no fear...obviously...he kept running right into the waves and then bounding around like Brinkley does in the snow. Every other dog we saw was running away when a wave came...

Meanwhile I have been crazy busy this last week! I am STILL not completely over being sick... which is annoying because I went to the doctor right away and I still got terrible! I have a feeling I am just going to be congested for a while... I know thanks for sharing right!
I am designing some invites right now (almost done) and I will be sharing that with you soon hopefully... though not the completed invite because they are going to take a couple weeks to get them printed ...that's right they are going to be printed which means there are graphics that were created by me... I am so excited to show you all - I want to know what you guys think!
Also I'm in the middle of another batch of six growth charts. I had a special order for one and another mom with an idea for one that she might want (which I liked so I am going ahead and making) so I just added a few more to make it worth the effort. I will show you those as they start getting completed they should be mostly new designs. I am really not sure how many more of these I will be making... they are definitely done for fun.
Well that is my update. Sorry if I am scarce everything is good over here just busy! I am off to take a walk...


  1. Wish I were there too.... wait! I will be there soon! That golden is crazy!

  2. Oh...the beach... I've almost forgotten what it looks like. :)

  3. Love the beach pictures....can't wait to see the new growth charts. When you get famous, can I come and work for you? That should be at least next year! you are amazing....

  4. soooo jealous of your day at the beach, love the way it makes your feet feel afterwards!!! Hurry and get pics up off all the new projects!


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