Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Week

Tomatoes were used for hamburgers

Pepper was used in pasta

Cleaned and hosed off the porch... finally filled in every hole we could possibly find and so far no more lizards have gotten in. Ahhh!!! What a relief!

Sunday this started... and it hasn't stopped since...seriously we are flooding... I am REALLY hoping it is going to stop by tomorrow we have company coming in for a weekend of outside fun... at the moment not sure that will be possible... we were low on water... you should see the river it is CRAZY full now it's not as bad as the tropical storm last year but it feels like it... it's just a north eastern.

I just minutes ago finished this custom order growth chart - terrible pictures but it is going to it's new home tomorrow so this is the best they are going to get.

It's for 4 children 2 boys and a girl (the 4th isn't known yet). Monkeys, butterflies, and a turtle were requested.

I am really digging it.


the monkey.... this had me worried but I LOVE him! I think he may be showing up again.

I snuck in a cocoon and caterpillar. The turtle is hanging out in the grass.

I used my very first tag see it?
Well I am off. Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. love the growth chart!You always do an amazing job! And the vegetables...glad you are enjoying them:)

  2. That's a fun post...yummy looking veg's. Love the butterfly and the monkey is darling.

  3. Love the monkey. Love the sparkely butterflies. Love your tomatoes and pepper. I just love everything about you! See you in a few days

  4. cant believe you already have tomatoes!!! and love the growth chart,the monkey is completly adorable!


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