Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend - Part 2

Were doing this in the wrong order since blogger only seems to attach videos to the bottom.

So Sunday we took Kristen to the beach. However we have one of the worst setups down here as far as eating on the water goes... you can't do it and actually see the ocean unless your cool with going to Joe's Crab Shack... which I think is just totally lame. Sure as you are walking down the beach you will see a lot of beautiful buildings serving yummy food and drinks on huge terraces under large umbrellas and you will think - Hey I can eat there! But you would be sadly mistaken because they are all country clubs and you aren't welcome there. (yeah I am slightly bitter about this, and you would be too - they're food is VERY good.) So we heard about this place called Lulu's and it is situated on the inter coastal deep on a road where you would never have found it without someone telling you about it. It was SOOO yummy and very very fresh. We even ordered alligator- which is very good by the way. We will totally be bringing Mum and Dad here when they come (in 13 days!!!!).

So back to Saturday we finally got our golf on. I think we all enjoyed ourselves I made up a video from the footage we took. I was hoping Kristen would get on this because he is the video maker among us but so far nothing has show up so you get a sample of my newly acquired skills. Music choice is courtesy of Uber. Kristen is nothing but a victim.

I think this gives you a pretty realistic sample of a day golfing with us... only I am not as good as I totally cut it to look like... however the chasing and far to close picture taking of the wildlife is completly accurate. Also I take full resposibility for the wrong way shooting... I was leaning completely across Uber while he was driving to catch that... of course I take video the wrong way quite often so really... I am just cool like that...

just trying to keep it real around here. I hope you guys like it... though I will be suprised if you watch it (its not that long by the way)


  1. Too funny! It looked like ya'll had a fabulous time! Hard to imagine considering you're in FLORIDA!!! ;-)

  2. That's hilarious! You look great by the way...... Not sure I should try golfing.....


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