Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm alive... kind of

It was supposed to be a productive week but I have been laid up on the couch since basically Tuesday! I sound like a mix between a frog and an elephant... it's lovely, let me tell you...

On the bright side my tags came it. I am digging them ... now I just need to make something to put them on!

look at this massive strawberry from right off my back porch. It was a nice suprise for my saturday morning (I lead a crazy life I know)

My Gardenia topiary is finally blooming it has had a hundred buds on it for ever and they are finally opening...
To bad I can't smell!!
Crafting tomorrow for you I hope... or at least something a little more interesting...


  1. ooh, beautiful tags! I'm so jealous of your gardenias! I LOVE them! :) I hope we end up with strawberries like that! My kiddos would be SO proud! Hope you're feeling better, soon!

  2. Sorry you have been sick, thats a bummer! Love your tags, they turned out great. That strawberry is huge...and the gardenia, it is beautiful, I hope mine look that good this year, good job. Take care of yourself and get better..

  3. The tags are really cool. I hope you feel better!

  4. being sick sucks! hope you feel better soon. Love the tags! Really really professional! I meant to tell you that I would love to trade for the patterns! But what do you want??

  5. Feel better soon!!! I really like the tags. :) And that flower is gorgeous!!! It looks like porcelain!

  6. Sorry you have been a frog-elephant this week, hope you are much better now!! Love your framed stencil from you last post, really pretty, great frame job too!

  7. Love your tags and everything else. SOOOOO sorry you were sick! Love you!


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