Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Instead of getting things done....

I have been goofing off with my pen tablet the last few nights instead of getting anything done on my VERY long to do list....I'm sure Mum and Dad won't mind if my house isn't clean... ahem...

Anyway I thought I would show you some sneak peaks of what I am working on... I tried to kind of protect it so please excuse the words behind the pictures.

The first three are scroll work that is painted in the Casa Monica Hotel in St Augustine I have been wanting to do something with it since I first saw it... of course I was just thinking I could use it in my house... I never thought I would be able to turn it into a graphic.

I made this one up as one of two options for the invites, the other won... I don't think this one will go to waste though.

The more I look around at people who do the invites and letter press...and most all design... the more I am realizing that most people take a lot of their images from old books and architecture. I guess I need to find some old books!


  1. Stunning. Just, stunning. :)

  2. Oh Jess, keep creating. They are yummy and awesome.

  3. wow.... I think everyone else was speechless too! beautiful stuff!

  4. this is really cool! I just dont get how it's done! The last one is my favorite:)


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