Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Randomness and a few completed projects

I walked downstairs yesterday evening to see this. The lamp is not on, the sun coming through the kitchen window hit it just right it was gorgeous (far more colorful in person) and only lasted about two minutes... I hope it does it again!

So I got this idea a few Sundays ago when we were having the crazy storms and have been slowly working on it since when ever the weather agreed. I don't have a lot of jewelry and most of it I don't wear often. I love it all but mainly I have a few pieces that I wear constantly and the rest I just store in various jewelry boxes that never seem to have enough room. After untangling my necklaces for the hundredth time I came up with this idea.... I don't think I have ever seen anything like this out there before. But I am sure someone else has probably done it already. I searched the craft stores and came up with what I was looking for at Michael's ... of course in a terrible color. It is a front opening collectors cabinet it was on sale so it ran about $25. Here it is in pieces-
I didn't like the light wood color so I sanded it down and spray painted it in a semi gloss white. This took two cans... very annoying they really should have more paint then that in a can at $8 a pop...
I had a very clear image of how this was supposed to look and I wanted to use these hooks I searched everywhere for them and finally located them at Office Max... of course they don't carry them in store and they wanted $8 for shipping which I thought that was outrageous so I bought 16 gauge wire, pulled out my thing-a-ma-jig and made them myself... here's a quick example in case you want to make some:

I think they turned out pretty well....and they want $2 for 6 I made 13 for roughly $2.50

This is the backing for the collectors cabinet which I recovered in a pretty natural linen. Then I slid in all of the hooks spacing them out for various items I knew I would want to hang.
Here it is all put back together.
I tucked it away behind the door so people shouldn't really be seeing it... which is perfect. It's on my side of the bed though so I get to see it everyday and it makes me smile
A lot of this stuff I haven't worn in years and is just for sentimental value. My mums charm bracelet, my class pendant, a necklace my grandma gave me when I was maybe 6... and other things like that
My OCD tendency's are very obvious here. Everything has it's place.
Oh I also stuck broaches right into the board - I can't tell you how long I have been looking for a way to display these! I just love looking at them they are so sparkly. Joan and Mum should recognize them. They each gave me one of them when I was 9 I think? I don't know why they did I don't remember it being a special occasion or anything but I just remember feeling really special and loving them. I have no idea how I have held on to them for this long, a lot of my stuff disappeared during moves.
The invites came in! Kodak said to estimate 5 days printing 5 days shipping. They were printed the day after I ordered them and we got them in the mail just a few days later, less than a week for the turn around! Love that!
I think they turned out pretty awesome... even if I do say so myself. I've had wonderful feedback so far. Judy (who they were made for) about fell out. She said 'She didn't like them, she LOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDDD them!' (said with southern accent) And then I got a very long hug. Really you can't get better feedback then that I am thrilled. Now I just wish I could find people that want to pay me and that I would feel comfortable charging (just to note I was offered payment for my time on these but Linda and her family are incredibly good to Uber and I so I only do things for her if she accepts them as a gift)
My photos are lame sorry about that but I wasn't really sure how to photograph it.
More swaroski bracelet's for Ubers Mom (I've created a monster) She mailed me these beads so I could string them up for her. I am mailing them back to her tomorrow.
So I have been contemplating selling graphics that people can buy and then use to print up their own invites at home. I dont really want to go in the scrapbooking direction I am more into invites and party things. I have seen some people doing this - any feedback from you guys?? I would love your thoughts/suggestions!
Well I hope you all enjoyed my rambling! Not sure what I am going to have to show you next.... Ive got a million things started and not much even close to finished.


  1. oooh! I love that cabinet, what a great idea! And the invites are fantastic! About you selling graphics for invites...DO IT! It would be fantastic! And if you get on it soon, I could buy some from you for my kiddos bday party invites! jk....great work! :)

  2. Oh my word. We've never talked about that jewelry display and it's exactly what I would like! I was going to do it in a frame but I like yours better. It's mine. Thank you.

    Love the crystal lamp. The one you got me used to do that when it saw sunshine.

    I remember the pins... can't remember the why either. Glad you still have them and the good memories.

    Great invites!

    Where does your wonderful MIL get her crystals?

  3. Great idea with the cabinet! The cards came out really nice to. I love Kodak, they're really fast and the quality is great. It also helps when you have great photographers like your mom and jennifer taking pictures for you =)

    I'm really happy that your mom is finally getting to come see you. Mothers and daughters should not be seperated for that long. Have a great time together!

  4. I was actually nice to you?! Wow. I actually do remember the pins but like you and your mom, can't remember the occasion. Hmmm. Probably because you were such a fun to be with kid.

    I LOVE your jewelry display! Great job and I'll have to fix something like that for myself. ;-)

    And the graphics...get on it missy! I'm sure you already have something fabulous in mind! You are so annoyingly talented!!! ;)

  5. That cabinet is so cool! I was thinking of something along those lines, but my idea was one of those German shoe cabinets (the kind that tilt out) and sticky back hooks. Yours is WAY FREAKIN COOL!

    I definately think you should try your hand at graphics. You should look into istockphoto, stockxchange, or the like. Even Microsoft looks for designers for clip art. Your scroll work is amazing!

  6. everything is so cool! The cabinet is so professional looking and beautiful! Definitly sell the graphics The invites turned out so good.


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