Thursday, June 25, 2009

So I'm a little behind...

We had a fantastic time with my parents! They aren't quite done with their vacation but I left them yesterday in NC with my grandparents and headed back home. I am trying very hard not to be totally bummed out!

So mums and my posts are going to overlap since we've been doing the same things so I am just going to try to use different pictures.... or at least I hope I do.

We took them out Gigging the Friday night after they got here. Basically you get to stab flounder from a boat. Awesome right? We met the boat at the dock at sunset.

These little crabs are everywhere and there are a TON of them. They are so small that I thought they were spiders at first .... I was very happy to see that they weren't!
Here's the boat and Captain Mac, as Mum said on her post he was a very nice and informative guy.

Some quick posing for the camera on the way out

I can't believe we hadn't seen each other for a year and a half!

So for my take on the gigging I was prepared to be totally stoked and was rather disappointed. This activity was recommended to us by Ubers boss who had a blast going out with his family and they caught a bunch, so my expectations were very high. Unfortunately for us the fish seemed to be hiding the night we were out. Which was a real bummer since I was planning on having a freezer full. I definitely enjoyed the experience though and of course the company was fantastic. I am glad that we did it, but I think if I am going to pay to charter a boat again I will stick with deep sea fishing. For close to the same price the trip is longer, there are more fish and the fish are MUCH larger... plus it is during the day and you can work on your tan...

Here's us with a fish. This is one that the captain caught.
And for the fun of it I will leave you with a video of me tormenting my mum.... we thought he was taking pictures at first... as far as the clip don't ask why I don't know... I'm wierd and she's fun to bug.


  1. I love the picture of you and sis together, you guys are beautiful! Glad you all had so much fun, will be looking forward to more pics. I tried to tag the favorites thing on your pillows and it would let me do it, ACK!!!

  2. I second what Sherie two look great together. I want to see more, hear more, all of it. I don't think my tag of your pillows worked either.....I know, I know, I seem to be a copy cat of what Sherie said....sorry, I'm not being original right now.

  3. Fun, fun, fun! I LOVE the video! I was so NOT surprised to see you lick your mother! It is so what I remember about your wicked sense of humor! Love it!

  4. yeah I had issues with faving the thing too. mum had to show me how to do it. Etsy can be confusing... no worries thanks for trying!
    I am trying to come up with more posts on what we did you might all be bored though... hahaha

  5. how do you two manage to look cute with wind blowing in your face? Becuase you two are hot! You look like sisters!

  6. We were hot. I'm just sayin. I mean cause like it was hot out there.

    I agree Jess, the deep sea stuff is a blast..... but gigging takes patience.


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