Saturday, June 27, 2009

28 years and counting

While at Jessica and our son in law's, You know who and I reached the milestone of 28 blissful years of marriage. We got a little crazy, we went kayaking. Jess and Uber were game. We all had a blast. First was learning to coordinate our rowing. We had to unlearn some bad habits we'd picked up oh, about, 28 years ago while using a canoe. That accomplished we went, I think, about 6 miles to the ocean and back again.
Look, we are totally in sync..... my paddle is backwards. Maybe that's why it was hard....
This guy understands the word relaxation.
To the ocean and beyond.......

Beautiful scenery and strange birds.

Jess and I were just talking about how strange it is to enjoy doing something for fun that is such hard work. I think that's the way most of our lives should go. Work hard at what ever you do, fun, family, friends, you appreciate it more, it makes it special.
Hey Babe, here's to 28 great years and hopefully at least that many more.


  1. WOW....28 years, so cool. Love the pictures, have done that on a lake, not the ocean. Oh, and we were in a canoe, 3 of us, paddling the wrong way. Yes, fun is fun even when it is hard work. Love your ending statement of wisdom!!!!! Should needlepoint it....quilt it????

  2. That was fun! Come back and we will do it again!!!

  3. CONGRATS! 28 years, that's a life time :) Looks like you had a blast. KAyaking is hard work but once you get the hang of it is alot of fun. I agree with your mom you should definitely needlepoint your last statement:)

  4. congratulations! Role models...

  5. Happy Anniversary! That's exciting!!!!


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