Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Clever Title Here

Been in a bit of a funk. Started quilting my quilt only to have to spend a couple of days unquilting my quilt. Now I have to try again. My bad, too excited, not paying enough attention. Blah.
So while waiting for my courage to return and a spot in the never ending line of longarm users at work, I've made things, silly little things. Sometimes that's what I do. It clears my head for other stuff.
My take on going green. These bags wrap up into a small pack that fit nicely into a purse or pocket. Easy to use up smaller pieces of fabric for something useful.

Two tries at luggage tags. Thanks Jennifer for letting me use some of your clear plastic. I'll be trying another when I have time. A fun project for even smaller pieces of fabric.

This item came out of trying to find a solution for Kelly and her keys.... I think it's fun.
Last but not least, I had a visit from two of my most favorite girls the other day. I happened to have my camera and though these are not quality photos, they are fun. I was laughing so hard at one point that the lack of light and my moving ruined the cutest pose. And posing she was.

Sweet, sweet face.
How can you stay in a funk with company like this?


  1. Squeal!!! I haven't seen the tote bag yet! It looks way cool! I absolutely love my keys bag! (for those of you reading, mine is not the one photographed). I carry it everywhere! It's my purse, within my purse.... you know. :) I agree about the company! I love being surrounded by all ya'll fantastic artists!

  2. oooh i like the roll up bag... nifty AND thrifty =]

    darling girls, they always lift your spirits!

  3. I understand the "funk" thing. Been there, done that, as you recall. I have a bag that rolls up and it's in my purse all the time. Around here, if you pull it out and use it at our grocery store they'll deduct 5 cents from your purchase with every bag you bring. I had a REALLY cute one that I picked up in San Fran's. japan town. It was a bag within a bag. SO CUTE japanese style print. And I ended up losing it. So bummed.
    Sorry about the quilt. Sit under your lamp!
    Oh! And those girls are seriously too cute! I've read their momma's blog and I must say, I even think I would like having them around! And you know me, I don't go around saying things like this unless I mean it!
    Feel better! Luv you!

  4. I want a roll up bag. I think you should make up a tutorial for that.
    Im in a funk come and hang out with me and we can be in a funk together.

  5. Sorry about your quilt Mrs. Corinnea :) But you have been doing some great fun stuff. I agree with Jessica you need to come up with a tutorial for everything you have posted. You can do it, yes you can , he, he, he,....The photos of the girls are just darling. they are just the sweetest little things and they sure do brighten our days when we see them....

  6. It sucks that you had to un-quilt your quilt. I had a similar experience yesterday on Elora's quilt. I had to rip out an hours worth of sewing (which took an hour and a half) because there were knots on the back and I couldn't just leave them there. That's what I get for not checking my work as I went.

    You should sell the roll-up bags for the shop!! They would sell like hot cakes!! Kelly's key solution looks fantastic, I'll have to ask her what the key problem is. The luggage tags are great, they match your bag, don't they?

    And you'd have to be in a funky funk indeed, if those girls couldn't lift you out of it. I hope you're in a better place now!!

  7. When you don't say a peep about a new project but later post it....I feel...sad:( Like I'm not special enough to know about it. SOB! Let me in COrinnea!! Knock Knock! he he he, making myself laugh. I love the bag and want to make some! Perfect stocking stuffers. So just get on that tutorial or hand over the tutorial if you found it free somewhere. And selling them in the store would be nice! Especially around Christmas. We should do a Stocking Stuffer Display next year.
    Right now Ava is trying to fit herself in to a plastic box and making herself laugh. She's making me laugh! Thanks for all the nice comments about my girls. I'm so happy they are so loved:) They have the ability to put you in a funk and take you out!
    (thanks Joan for the nice comments!)

  8. Very cool! But I love love love that polka dot and brown little bag!

  9. What very clever, useful projects! I think you're very smart and savvy with the fabrics you pick out!

    The little tater tot is just too cute!

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world and that flowers start popping up there soon too!

  10. Yes Please to the bags you made, love them both! Glad you have some little ones around to make you laugh, nothing better in the world than that!

  11. My want list: roll up bag, luggage tag.
    I love the things my girls come up with. The pictures of those little punkins are so sweet; they do indeed make one laugh. They are my favorites.

    Well, the funk must just be going around in our family. I think we all need to meet somewhere in the middle(would that be Florida) for a long visit.

  12. All ya'll make me laugh. Thank you.

    Bags coming right up!

  13. You are sooo GENIUS woman! I love you ending pictures with the girls to =)


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