Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Ongoing Series of Silly Bags and a Skirt

I don't know why. I'm just that way.
I modeled this after a bag I bought made out of a polyester fabric. I like it, it's light and pretty but it's not lasting. I've already snagged it. My version is smaller, the straps are longer and I put the snap straps so I can roll it up for storage. It's about 17 x 15 so, for me, just about right.

I didn't have enough fabric of either choice so I added the solids. On the first one, I added the extra fabric along the way.  For the second, I got a bit smarter. I sewed the green onto the white print and did the embellishment sewing down the seam. Then I treated it as the complete piece of fabric it now was, laid out my pattern and cut. Super simple.

I wanted to get home early enough to have You Know Who take photos of me modeling it.... that didn't happen.

Last but not least is a simple skirt I made for my M-I-L. Hope she likes it. It's the same style as my toile skirt. Perfect for summer, I'm thinking I'll make more.


  1. I never get tired of the bags (the first one is my favorite!) or the skirts!

    You always have the nicest things to say and you inspire me with the colors and fabrics you use!

  2. I like the purses alot. especially the first one as well. And the skirt is cute too, I really want to make more as well...

  3. you are my favorite bag making lady ever, love the green one, love them all! Why dont you have a etsy site, these babies would sale!

  4. Love the bags....would be perfect for my daily runs to the grocery store for one or two items! So, when are you going to make a pattern or tutorial I can buy?!

  5. I never did finish my blue skirt. Perhaps I've found my inspiration...

    I like the funky bags, so cute!!

  6. Love your bags! And the skirt is just so cute! AND, like Sherie said, why don't YOU open an Etsy shop? You would be able to sell everything you make! Actually, you would probably have to quit your day job because you'd be so busy keeping your Etsy shop full!

    You are so talented! You could easily have your own shop!

  7. Love the bags! I actually think they look more interesting with the combination of fabrics. Sometimes a lack of materials is a good thing :)

  8. The bags are very fun! The skirt fabric is pretty too!

  9. These bags are great! love your fabric combination.....You are ready for spring with that cute skirt. Can't wait to see on you...


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