Monday, March 15, 2010

Fabric, a Birthday and a Car Show

I received my special fabric from Amy Schimler on Friday. I love it. The owls are big, about 7-9 inches tall. I've had it laying across my old wingback chair and I'm thinking.....yes.
What follows is mostly for my FIL. If you hate cars, stop now.
Yesterday was You Know Who's birthday. He asked to go to the Retro Classics Car Show that happens here every year at the Messe. We'd not been to the new messe location so didn't quite know what to expect. The place is huge, with enough parking for everyone. We enjoy the classic German and American cars the most. I was playing with my 50mm lens and using no flash. With the crowds, that meant a lot of close ups. Or maybe I was just into grills and hood ornaments......

I think I should put this curtian in the Mini, no?
They also had a few people selling odds and ends. Some were interesting, some could be considered politically incorrect, still interesting though.

This olive tree has to be at least 100 years old. It was very expensive.
I think I want these chairs.


  1. Man those cars are AWESOME! I'm still holding out for a metallic purple karmann ghia!

  2. That fabric is so cool, is it a new designer??? And the cars, there is just something about a beautiful car... and i want the olive tree and the chairs too, looks like you guys had fun!!!

  3. Love the owls......Love the cars, specially the white and red 'Vet'. Pretty, shiney, things...... You did a great job with the pictures. Remember the car show and kinda playing in the fountain?

  4. Great pictures!! The fabric is super cute, of course you'll have to post photos when you recover that chair. And cars--nice cars--are awesome. Brandon had a red Camaro when we got married, man that was a sexy ride...

  5. I want to see the fabric in person! You said the owls were huge but they don't look as big as you described. A chair would be soo cool in it

  6. That fabric is toooo cute! I forgot to mention it to you on friday. These are really good photos. I take it you are loving your lens. I would love to have the antique blue car for a family photo shoot.

  7. Love the owls! Fun! DROOLING over the cars! You do the neatest things! How do you find out about everything! I would enjoy that kind of messe, especially with the boys! The chairs are cute, but did you sit in one? hmmm.... my tushie needs something squishy! :)

  8. ijust love the idea for the owls on a chair! great pics of the old cars...i DARE you to put a curtain in the mini, then you can put fringe across the front window and hang a small flag (country of ur choosing)from the rearview mirror!

    oh, and i'll help you knock over a bank to pay for those louis ghost long as we score enough for two sets!

  9. That fabric is so adorable! I don't know much about cars, but they look pretty nice too :)


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