Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a while!

I'm sure you all thought I forgot how to login to my blog... I actually almost had! Blog what blog? It's about the same with crafting for me right now. Help! My work life is eating my fun life...


I have managed to do one thing this last month.

Adrienne contacted me about creating a logo for her. She sells jewelry and accessories so after a bit of brainstorming we came up with a pendant hanging from a Celtic knot. The pendant is modeled after a pendant she wire wrapped and used in one of her necklaces. I love how personal this makes her logo!

I am really enjoying the opportunities I've been getting to create logo's for people. It has been so much fun to to collaborate with people.

And speaking of people I've collaborated with Sherie has opened her etsy shop Catbirdfish Studio go check it out. I can totally vouch for the beauty and quality of her work. In fact if you want something you better hurry I already bought the elephant before she could even announce she was open - yes I am totally shady like that!
Well I am off I have another project in the works - Crazy! I know - you might actually hear from me again in the next month.
My adorable cousin (daughter of Sherie) is coming out next week so if nothing else maybe I will share her cuteness with you!


  1. I love Adrienne's logo! It's perfect for her.

  2. The logo turned out great! I like it! I know what you mean about forgetting how to blog... I think my family will mutiny soon if I don't put up a new picture....

  3. The logo is awesome! Good job:)

  4. Sorry, I thought I had sent it. Now I can't seem to get on Etsy! Blah. Anyhow, if you could send it in a newborn size that would be great. Sheesh, there are days when technology really works my last nerve! This is one of those days...

    Thanks Jess!


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