Monday, April 12, 2010

Blue Elephants on Parade

Effie and Ollie Heather Bailey's pattern is just too cute. I used her Nicey Jane fabric. I love this line.

I made one, then decided to make another.
At that point a third seemed appropriate.
Charge! They were feelin sassy....

My second skirt with the elastic smocked waist. This is the most comfortable skirt ever. EVER. It's cute too. I wrote out instructions that people can pull and try. (Proud of me Jennifer? Wait until you read it first....) I've put it in the shop for a few days and them I'm sending it on to Jessica.

I particulary love this fabric smocked, the lines make it so pretty.
I made another top like this in white, but have no photographs. Yesterday was so cold; we tried but we were shaking so much not one photo was in focus. We had snow, sleet, torrential downpours, sun and lightening storms. A typical April day in Germany!


  1. The ellies are darling! And I do love the smocking on the skirts!

  2. oh man, super cute !!! Katelyn told me to do 3 elephants but I didn't listen:( The yellow skirt is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I'm very proud of you writting directions:)

  3. Elephants on parade, Love them!!! They came out cute... and the skirt well, you already know I'm in love with it! must have one, as a matter of fact I already bought the fabric :)

  4. The elephants are adorable and the skirt is fantastic!!! The stripes are perfect.

  5. Those elephants are soo funny!
    Love the skirt cant wait to get it. I got the shirts today will email you in a minute!

  6. that fabric is perfect for the elephantastics! u already know the skirts are great; but, that shirt has the first place prize all wrapped up, if yaknow what i mean ;)

  7. Love the elephants, so cute! And the skirt is way cool. That will be perfect for Jess. Do you ever sleep or just create?

  8. love the ellies, you really do make me want to sew! Where are the instructions for the skirt, may have to try one!

  9. I love the elephants I need to make one so bad. And i'm totally making one of those skirts with your new directions!

  10. Love the skirt in orange, Jess will look great in it.

  11. umm, I am feeling a bit stupid at the moment... where are these directions... I need directions to find the directions... heh

  12. i just love this skirt - in both colours! Is the pattern available to download or buy?



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