Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Silly Saga of Shirring cont....

I'm throwing in a bit of downtown Sunday too. I was asked what there is to do on a Sunday. Walk, eat and make You Know Who take silly photos of me. If this doesn't sound like fun, stop reading now.
In the Calwer Passage, I love this spot.

He spotted this on the window and because I love  him, I did what he asked.
The opera house.
Me as a monster.

How do you think that yellow one snuck in?

He said I should go in this fountian so he could take photos of me, lovely photos. I said I would, if only I'd brought a towel along.

Doesn't she look like she is still wondering how this happened?
It makes me sad.

That's what we do downtown on a Sunday.


  1. I think the statue is thinking WTF???? But with a pouty face.

    I love the new dress!!! Soo cute and soo cute on you! You looks so dainty.

    I love downtown too. It's a treat to go there but when you live with a demon (not JOn) it's hard to just stroll and be calm and enjoy. Maybe someday she'll relax:)

    oh, I'm not talking about myself! it just occured to me that I could be...

  2. Oh, I love your new dress! The plaid is perfect. And I do love Downtown Stuttgart on a Sunday!

  3. Ahhhh! Gorgeous dress and gorgeous downtown! Can't wait to be back and experience (what looks like) summer weather!

  4. I am loving the dresses, I think one of those would be so comfortable to wear on a hot summer day here! Awwww, love the downtown walks. You never know what adventure is waiting; like a car show and playing in the fountain? Or a sudden storm complete with hail, while sitting outside. And, of course all the places to eat! Really miss that :( You look younger all the time, love your fashion pictures. I think 'he' does a great job with the pictures.

  5. Love the dress! It was perfect with that purple cardigan! I love the pic of the tulips! That's really neat!

  6. umm, still love the fabric you chose... jealous! WE were there... saturday! I still have to post the pics, but I was sewing all afternoon! =]

  7. cutest dress EVER! you're so darling in little sun dresses. -Hannah

  8. I love the pictures! Going downtown on a Sunday is such a lovely activity. Great dress, too ;)

  9. Corinnea - You amaze me. Can't believe it has taken me this log to check out your blog full of such wonderful things! You and Tim take great photos!


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