Friday, April 30, 2010

Concept shirt or Maybe she shouldn't have but she did.......

There's a lot of recycling/upcycling going on. It's something I used to do. There was this one time I turned a pair of mens pants into a dress for a teen who's mom thought we were both crazy when she asked if I could and I said, of course! It was cute, in a funky, I don't want to be like anyone else way.

Anyway, I have had this idea in my head and it took the dead line for the 2010 spring top week sponsered by Made By Rae to get me going. I'd already entered this top, but wanted to try and do another.....

Be kind, I started it last night, it didn't turn out like I wanted, I did everything wrong but, it still kinda turned out right.

This was an old long sleeve boxy sort of shirt.

Uh hum, should have thought about it being a gauzy like fabric..... I think the bias cut ruffles are fun though I am not usually a ruffley person. They also hide the fact that I made the shirt too small by tweaking it too far.... oops. Now I'm glad I did cause I love them.

Right before I grabbed Kelly so she could take photos, it started raining. This is the best we got of the back. The fabric is Ta Dot by Micheal Miller. I love it and wish I had more.

I think I'll try this again only I'll give myself a bit more time!


  1. I like it! It looks comfy too!

  2. Cute, cute! I think it's great!

  3. very fun, summer shirt! the green and white combo is a hit, and there's that shirring again... =]

  4. HMmmm it's very hard to judge the shirt because I keep being thrown off by you decapitating yourself! I really want to see how it looks in an entire outfit!

  5. really cute! I like ruffles:) And weird what Jess said because I'm not always a fan of having a face staring at you when you're trying to look at the clothes. For adults. For kids I think it's ok. Different strokes for different folks;) So I don't mind at all the head cut off! It draws focus solely to the thing being shown! But since you are hot corinnnea, you can show your face now and then. i'd be ok with it:)

  6. I like the top. And ruffles are so "in" right now. But I have to agree with jess. I kinda like the head in the shot too. I know it's supposed to be about the top and all but the head missing bothers me.

    I really like the back. How difficult is it to do that? I also really like the dresses you've made with all the gathers too. Difficult?

  7. This is phenominal! I love the color and the ruffles! Very clever and cute!

  8. Thanks all! I am going to throw it in the wash and if it doesn't fall apart.... I may wear it out. I want to see what the ruffles do since they are bias cut but unfinished.

    Joan, the shirring isn't hard just time consuming! Some machines don't like it I am lucky mine doesn't mind.

  9. I think the shirt was worth finishing! It's darling! I think it's hilarious reading about the face vs no face decision! I know there were face shots so I just want it on the record that I didn't decapitate you! Haha! Anyway, the shirt is cute! Do it again!

  10. This is a clever recycling effort! Great work, darling top :-)


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