Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Beach...

More fun beach pictures for all of you who can't visit on your own. This was one wierd jelly fish he was very hard and round and not dead... if you were wondering.
Incase you were also wondering what is in the water off of our coast here is another little guy who wasn't properly thrown back in after being caught by some fisherman.
This little guy is a baby hammerhead shark... yeah that makes you want to go for a swim huh?!?
He's pretty little...not in the least bit scary....and once again he's not dead... I don't pick up dead things (take pictures- yes, totally!)
After snapping a few pictures with him we got him back in the water... well I nicely released him and tried to let him swim but the waves were too rough so Uber tossed him out farther so maybe he would have a chance. Yeah I know the shark could grown up and bite someone but I have problems with our local fishers who throw back 95% of what they pull out of the water and a vast majority of them dont even toss the poor fish in deep enough water for them to swim.
And just for fun Brinkley being a circus dog!
And for those of you who want to see how fat I am here's a peek. Though I do have to say I look way larger here than I normally do I had just eaten a rather large meal... HAHA (but no really)

Next post involves crafting!


  1. Can I touch your baby bump??? Please?? ha ha You look so cute and your hair is LONG! I think I need to come braid it!

    Can't believe you got Brink all the way up there!

    Beach pictures, fun and yes, just the thing to make me NEVER go in the water again. Oh, now I'll also scream at you all that you are out too far.

  2. oh man, that jelly fish is frightening. I mean nightmare stuff for me and i used to want to be an oceanographer! Sea life is gross to me now. Weird how things change. Anyway, that hammer head looks huge so I'm glad you picked it up! It's tiny!! And the baby bump is just right for as many months as you are. It's adorable:)

  3. Love the baby bump! You're not fat at all, you look beautiful with that sweet little bump.

    Your pictures make me want to be there at the beach, so I can timidly touch the jelly fish and hold that adorable little shark. I thought he was huge, too, until I saw the shot of you holding him. This is a picture I found on my favorite website of more cuteness at the beach:

  4. Those are very interesting sea creatures! I am starting to count down the days until my visit to the beach.... 90 or so to go....

    You are so adorable! You are going to love the clothes your mother is making for you!

  5. Cool pics! I thought you looked really slim in both pics of you. You don't even look pregnant in the first pic. Hope you're feeling great!

    Mary A.

  6. Jess you are adorable! Baby bump shots are a must through out the next few months! You must promise! Not sure I like those reminders of what actually live in the water but the pictures were well shot. ;-)
    I gave Dilly girl your package and she ADOREs the Elephant onesie! (She's into elephants and says Oldest son will like the monkeys) Thanks so much for such a sweet and generous gift!

  7. I love the beach pictures, the jelly fish looks like an alien, so freaky! The pic's of you, Beau and Brink are great! And, of course, the side shot of you is darling. This is so exciting!

  8. Fishermen everywhere thank you. Surfers...not so much.

    I would be surprised if they were caught and not thrown back. They could have been brought on shore in high tide.

  9. Thanks for the sharing the beach pics! Too bad you couldn't send a sample of fresh, salty, sea-air over the web. Ahhh... Tell Matt I've been longing for the sea, and singing sea shanties. "Our anchor's weighed, our sails unfurled, We are bound to plough the watery world.
    Huzza, we're homeward bound!" haha!


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