Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Next Chapter

As I wander, watching the last of my things being packed away, I have way too much time to think. Am I ready for this? Just how different will things be? Will my kids still like me when I live right near them? How much fun will I have watching this new child grow? Oh yeah, lots of fun.

Intertwined in all of this looking forward, is a lot of looking back. Am I ready to leave? They'll go on without me. Will they still like me the next time we meet? How much fun will I be missing out on? Lots and lots.

The biggest thing I have realized with all of this wandering and thinking is…… I am blessed.

I am leaving behind some of the most wonderful, clever, kind, creative, and special people I will ever meet. My life the last few years has been made better by them.

I am going to some of the most wonderful, clever, kind, creative, and special people that I am lucky enough to call family.

I am making this journey with an amazing man who has put up with me for years and years, yet still manages to see the good parts of me.

What more could a person ask for?

Thanks everyone for the best going away birthday party ever.

See ya on the other side.


  1. :)

    I will definitely be taking you up on your offer to visit. And maybe, if you ever make it up to Virginia, we could go check out Old Williamsburg, or something? Because you know, I'm going to have a guestroom too, and you will be welcome in my home anytime.

  2. wishing you only the best and safest move of all time! bittersweet goodbyes and joyous hellos!


  3. dear corinnea,
    yet I do not know you for such a long time, I will miss you and your kindness, creativity and laughter.
    come back to check what is going on
    in this part of the world - there will be a guestroom for you, too.
    have a good start and - no goodbye, but farewell! hugs, conny

  4. I am so excited for your to get here!!!

  5. corinnea,
    your move is what life is made of. when we stop moving...we must be dead. so, keep on moving, keep on living and keep in touch!

    i wish all the best for your next big adventure; and, have faith that it won't be the last...


  6. Thanks Corinnea, for making my eyes watery ;-)) First of all, I hope you have a safe trip to the other side of that big pool! And than, I'm pretty sure we'll stay in contact; a big big hooray for internet and email!!
    Take care, my friend - looking forward to get to know you better and better as time goes by!


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