Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Farewell

We drove to Garmisch Saturday. It was an exercise in patience and endurance. Car trouble, traffic and 7 hours got us there. Our main purpose was to say good bye to a dear friend. We feel like we've known her forever and it's so hard to say tschuss even for a short time. We hope to see her in our new home next year. This is the view from her home. Her balcony is to die for.

She makes us laugh and we try and return the favor. She and I are standing in front of an avalanche that happened some years ago on the Garmisch side of town.

We stopped in for a bit of festivities in Garmisch. Next week the same thing is going on in Partenkirchen. Apparently there is a bit of a competition between the two parts of town. I love that they built the tent around an existing house that the dancers went in and out of. 
Our friend told us that some of these plumes go for as much as 10,000 euros. Some people take their traditional dress very seriously. 
There are so many views of these mountains and they change all the time. 

It didn't take us as long to get home but this is a storm we drove into. Let's just say for a little while it was a bit windy.

What's a little travel without a few hexies sewn?


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the reflection of the mountain! I know it meant a lot to her that you drove down there to say goodbye. :)

  2. I want to come drive and see all of the beautiful scenery!!! love the pictures though. I hope she comes for a visit. The plume picture made me laugh... and not just because of the plume...
    We made Schnitzel and spatzle yesterday and I think Matts going to be our perminent schnitzel maker. It been a while since I had the real thing but I am pretty sure that he got the taste spot on.... had to make myself stop eating! Spatzle turned out a million times better than last time but I really need to learn the cheese/spinach sauce part before I will be happy with it

  3. Oh Corinnea, that shot of the mountain reflected in the water is stunning. I'm glad you made it down to see your friend, saying goodbye is such a hard thing to do...

  4. Your pictures were beautiful! It's been too long since I've been down there.

  5. Great photos. Love the mountain reflected in the water and that storm shot. I thought England was the only country to do that dancing around the maypole thing(although they probably call it something totally different in Germany - especially as it's not May!)

  6. Beautiful pictures - especially that reflection shot is lovely. Maybe I'll come back and ask you for permission to use it in an arty project ;-)) hang in there, those "good-bye-saying" days are always so bitter-sweet ...

  7. Elizabeth's sister, Carrie, here. I have the Best Bias Skirt pattern that I saw you used on your site. I am just getting back into sewing clothing. do you think that pattern would work well with light-weight corduroy?

  8. Corinnea--I just stumbled on this blog from a post you made on a friend's FB page. (We live in the same town as Jim and Kim). You made my husband and I spatzle when we visited Germany back in 1996. It looks like you're moving--back to the states, I assume. I hope all goes well for you.

  9. wow, you should frame some of those pics! amazing! I really hope the move is as smooth as can be!


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