Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm So Very Behind

I really don't know where the time goes, but it does. I've done lots. Really. 

I've also received lovely gifts. These gifts came last week and I have yet to say thank you to the givers. 
So to these two wonderful women I hope the adage better late than never stands.....

Dee made this mini as a part of pay it forward. I. Love. It! Thanks Dee, it brightened my day!

My Sister sent these slippers. She knitted and felted them. I cannot express how comfy they are.

I've hardly taken them off since they got here.



  1. Well I really love the slippers and I cannot blame you for not taking them off. Also, I have been meaning to comment on your new house. First-Congratulations. Second-I really like it. JennyBean

  2. Both these items are super cute! Is the mini a mug rug or just a mini? The colors are gorgeous! as for the! does she have the same size feet as you? I want some leather flats in this style!

  3. The mini is pretty! Good job Dee! And I looove the slippers! The little soles are awesome! Wishing you were here to enjoy this snow with, scratch that, FOR me. :)

  4. she's alive! Love the gifts! Now post some of your projects!

  5. Fab gifts. I LOVE those slippers!


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