Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pine Cone Tutorial

I figured it out!!! Here's a quick tutorial- hope you guys enjoy. If you make them please link to yourself in the comments so I can see how they turn out for you!
Please do not sell anything made from this tutorial it was provided free to you for personal use only.
Please let me know if I made any errors and I will correct them.

-styrofoam eggs 1 7/8"x 2 1/2"
-grosgrain ribbon
-1/4 yard of 36" wide felt by the yard will make 3 pinecones
-rotary cutter with wave blade
-hot glue gun

eggs are from Joanns
-Cut a 28" piece of ribbon.
-Fold ribbon in half and put a drop of hot glue at the center
-Stick ribbon to the top of your egg
-Cut out 1 1/2" circles
-Scallop your edges
-Cut diamond shape at the center
- Set aside
-Using a wave rotary blade cut (3) 36" strips at roughly 3/4" wide
-Snip at the center of each indented curve
-Start rolling the felt adding drops of hot glue as you go.
-Stop when the roll is about 1/2-3/4 thick.
-Push the center of your roll out a little to create the tip of the pine cone
-Add glue to the top (the non rotary cut side) allow glue to cool down for a few second and then adhere to the bottom of the egg.
-Start wrapping the egg with the felt gradually working up the egg until the top is reached.
-It might be necessary to cut a few pedals off the long strip and glue them on individually when the top is reached
Add a drop of glue at the top of the egg and then pinch the ribbon together at the top of the egg.

-Thread the ribbon through the scalloped circles and then glue over the top part of the pine cone to hide the edges.
-Clean all of the hot glue hair off the finished pine cone

Make a bunch more and wrap them up in a cute bakery box for a gift!
And just because here's a picture of the little guy. Seriously the double chin just KILLS me- he is so scrumptious!


  1. oh what an adorable little munchkin he is! LOVE seeing his cute little face!

  2. Great job Jessica. It came out very good. Of course, baby boy is a love!

  3. I'm making pine cones next year!!

    Captain Awesome and his double chins are, well, awesome!

  4. The pine cones are AWESOME! I just need that rotary blade. I think we may have some at the store..... You are so clever! I totally thought it was a billion little pieces. Captain Awesome? Are you watching Chuck?


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