Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Ubers parents came out from California to see Micah for the first time! We had Mum take a bunch of pictures while they were here. The lighting sucks... which is my houses fault not mums.

The day after Thanksgiving we all went out to the beach... so weird...

blue jelly fish
have no idea what kind this is... but he's cute
This is how Micah and Uber roll... his neck is fine he really likes it like this... he will scream at you if you try and move it! (No we don't let him do this all of the time though)
We ordered baby sunglasses ...lol... he was in a bad mood that night but the picture made me laugh. He doesn't mind wearing them.
And this one just to make you want to pinch his cheeks! He's all pimped out for church, this is an outfit mum got him and I LOVE it!
crafting tomorrow if I can get the pictures uploaded!


  1. Cute pics! The one of you and Matt on the beach is really nice! Neat fish! Poor fish.... I think it's funny that you said pimped and church in the same sentence! :)

  2. Micah is absolutely squeezable. Wish I could hold him ans squeeze his whittle cheeks. What a cute little man in his church get up.
    That afghan under him is adorable, did someone make it for you/him?
    Cindy M

  3. Finally! I love all the pictures! And his sunday outfit is adorable. Little man indeed. ;-)

    I am so happy for you guys I feel a cyber hug comin' on... here it is...(...) Love to you and your family and keep those Micah pic's coming!

  4. Great pictures!! The neck trick..scared me! I can't wait to hold him!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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