Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Garland

It's been on my to do list to finish my Christmas garland ... and after a few weeks I can finally say it's complete!
Ridiculous right? I have no idea why I did this... it's just been in my head for a while... goodness knows I don't really have the time!
It took 4.5 yards of 3 different green colors and 1 yard of 2 different brown colors of yummy mixed wool felt, plus 2 yards of velvet ribbon to make this (roughly) 9ft long garland.... oh and brown grosgrain not sure how much of that but a 12 yard spool still has plenty left on it!
I know I made a bunch of the pine cones last year but I couldn't for the life of me get them to come out the same way... I wish I could remember I looked for a tutorial too but no one seems to be saying how they make them! They are fun to make but I was getting frustrated because I couldn't get any of them to go together the same way! If I figure it out I will try and draw something out to at least give people the gist.
I think this is going to be my new thing to have a really fun garland for every holiday- I already have valentines day done ... now I just have to get started on all of the rest of them... hahaha


  1. OH WOW!!!! That's awesome!!! So gorgeous!

  2. THREE post's in a row WOW!!!! And the garland is awesome...ha!

  3. garlands are fun! How's this one put together? It looks so thick.

  4. I wanna know how you did this one too, so pretty, i want to make one!

  5. Wow, that's soooo cool! I can't believe you made that, it must have take forever. FYI, all posts must end with a baby picture =)

  6. The garland is awesome! And even though I see him, I too think all posts must end with a baby picture!

  7. I know I'm chiming in six months later, but any chance you might give us a tiny clue how you achieved this fabulous look? It turned out gorgeous!


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