Monday, February 7, 2011

It's all gone... and it's not a good thing

I haven't had my hair cut since May... because I am lazy and then because of Micah. I have always felt like I should donate to locks of love... Uber asked why and really I have no idea I just thought it sounded like a nice thing to do. So anyway this is the longest my hair has been in years so it was now or never... I'd been trying to hold off for as long as possible but I can't handle it anymore Micah has been using it as a rope and I don't like to wear it up.
So anyway here's the before:
And after:
I am happy to say it's done and I will never feel the urge to do it again! And no I don't like it AT ALL I probably set myself up for that because I have been DREADING today. So for all of you that I know hate  me with short hair- I am right there with you and I promise not to do it again! I seriously feel fatter with short hair- and that's not cool to someone who still hasn't lost all of the baby weight!

I am hoping to have something more interesting up in the next few days- Super bowl kind of took over the last few days- I'm not a football fan we just do a party every year. And I have been helping someone else with their projects so maybe she will show you what we've been up to... she's totally holding out on you guys!

P.S. check out moms blog too!


  1. Jessica, you know I LOVE long hair. And, you have beautiful long hair....however, you look darling in this hair style also! It is VERY pretty on you. So, stop not liking it and just enjoy the difference of it and know that you look good!!! And you did a good thing!!!!

  2. Oh, I think it looks adorable! But I totally know how you feel. I started losing my hair BIG TIME when Elora was 3 or 4 months old, and I was just disgusted by how thin and stringy my hair felt. So, I cut it short, and hated it. But the good news is that it does grow back, and in the mean time, it really does look cute short. In my humble opinion, at the very least.

    Also, props on donating your hair--so cool!

  3. I agree, mad props to you for donating your hair, someone out there will be so grateful for it! And I happen to love it,theres no way for you to ever look anything other than beautiful!

  4. I think you're gorgeous with your hair this way! I understand if you like it better longer.... but I think this is fun for a bit. Of course I'm projecting and talking to myself here.... and I greatly anticipate tomorrow and what I will wake to. In spite of it all, I am glad, thanks for doing it with me!

  5. You know what? I think what you did is wonderful. You may not know this, but my middle sister had leukemia and she just cried and cried when her hair began falling out because of the chemo. Locks of love made her so happy. She was only 13 and the wig helped to make her feel as close to being like a normal teenager as her condition allowed.
    Your short hair is just beautiful! And you've helped someone else feel beautiful about themselves! Way to go Jess.

  6. really cool you donated your hair! I don't think you have to another nice thing EVER!!! The short hair is adorable on you and every once and a while you HAVE to cut it short to start fresh. It does not make you look fat!!

  7. You guys did a good thing! Just remind yourself that it went to someone who doesn't have their own! :) You guys are both beautiful and can work any style you want!!!

  8. Your hair looks lovely. It was a fantastic thing you and your Mum did. :-)


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