Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leather Fun Part 2

The Spotted Pillow - because who wouldn't want one?!? This was my second idea for the leather.

I cut circles out of the leather and then decided to add a punch of color in as well so I used 100% wool felt in 3 shades of blue. I didn't plan the layout as well as I probably should have but I think it turned out ok. The leather spots are smooth and rough side out to give the brown spots texture.
I then hand stitched all of the dots on with pearl cotton.
It was a really fun project. Though not baby friendly since leather probably wont go through the wash that well. But that's ok because it was made with someone in mind who may or may not have a problem with circles.... that person may want to locate a 14x26 pillow insert... if that person is reading this and wants it!

And here is a Micah shot for you- he's playing with a gift from his Aunt Sherie sent him and he LOVES it! Its a maple wood teether. I just put it on his play mat the day we got it in the mail and he found it all on his own and started chewing
It's now one of his favorite toys. He loves that his Happy Apple and his pirate bear- golden beard who I need to get a picture so you all can see him!


  1. Very cool pillow, what a great idea. Who would have thought to do that? YOU of course. Micah is really enjoying his new toy. Looks like he has the holding on to things all under control. Love him!

  2. The pillow is fun! I like that you used both sides of the leather. Did you enter it in the pillow thing on sew mama sew? Micah is so cute! I wonder if that teether tastes at all like pancake syrup... just wishful thinking I'm sure.... :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion kelly- I did now!

  4. that pillow is ADORABLE!!!! Love the colors. I JUST recently came across a picture of Ava that looks similar to this one of Micah. They both have the I've-got-no-neck-and-I'm-fat thing going on. I have to post a link to the picture only because I just stumbled upon it yesterday and when I saw this one it was deja vu!

  5. Yes, my name is Sherie and I have a problem with circles!!! But its a really good problem because of beautiful things like this pillow, seriously, ALL of my favorite elements, color texture, smell, comfort, LOVE it! Am looking for pillow insert as i type. Glad MAC likes his teether, give him a squeeeeze for me!

  6. The pillow is amazing. I've said it before and I'll say it a million more times, watching you work is fun!

  7. Lookit those cute chubby wrist rolls. Squeeze him!!! Auntie Cindy


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