Monday, February 14, 2011

Leather Fun

Well where did that week go? Sorry about that it was a long week- not bad just long and I didn't find time to update here. I would tell you about it but then you would just be bored! So instead I will show you one of the things I managed to complete!
Mum had a project (that she's yet to show you...thbt!) that involved a fair amount of left over leather- this stuff is like butter people and it smells SO GOOD! So we have been brainstorming ways to put it to good use. One of the ideas came from my Aunt who told us about Sundance Catalogs bracelets which are fun, funky...and ridiculously priced. So we went to work making our own versions---well I only made one but mum made a few so check hers out too!
 My version wraps your wrist twice - here's a shot of it not wrapped
 and  I used a heavy duty snap closure
 We used a punch to cut the holes for our designs and then used a really yummy variegated pearl cotton to stitch the design. The bead is dyed shell.
It's really soft and feels nice to wear- unfortunately I am not keeping it, it will be making it's way to see someone soon... not sure who that someone might be!

Check back for another leather project tomorrow!

To catch you up on other random news- Micah went for his 4 month check up (a week ago) and he is 15 and a half pounds and 27 inches long now! It's absolutely ridiculous how fast this kid is growing!  We were also told that we could go ahead and start introducing him to food.

 Let's just say he was not a fan. We took a video but I think this picture about sums it up!

And other fun news my Aunt Rhonda started a blog! Check her out! 

Oh and I figured out how to edit my HTML for bigger pictures (while Micah screamed at me!) I am so excited that I was able to do this! Hopefully you will all enjoy the larger images!


  1. Yup, love that Sundance catalog. Your bracelet looks great. I used to love working with leather!

    And that Micah just cuter and cuter all the time!

  2. Love the bracelet! Very cool. That baby, that face, he is just getting cuter all the time. I miss holding him. I want to see the video. Thanks for posting pic's of him.

  3. I think your's is prettier than mine but I'm used to that! Can we keep having fun like this forever?

  4. As if you three weren't talented enough, now you do leather work too! Very cool. I love the pictures of the boy. He is so precious. I need to come try out your mom's new guest room so I can see him.

  5. Your bracelet is so lovely. It's fun to have someone to make with isn't it?

    That boy of yours may not be too keen on food now but just remember this moment when he's a teenager with hollow legs and eating you out of house and home!

  6. They're cool! And yeah, originals a bit pricey eh? Wow, I can't believe how big baby MAC has gotten! Cool about your blog. Jennifer asked me to figure that out about a billion years ago, so can you email the two of us and tell us what you did so that she can forgive me for never having done it for her? Please? :)

  7. Is it too selfish to hope its for me??? I love it! You could always send the boo along too, man i could just squeeze him sooooo much, he is just getting much too big,such a handsome boy!

  8. Those bracelets are great! The other ones are cool, but they are definitely not *that* cool. I'd say these are better anyway.

    Love the pics of Micah, so serious in one and so disgusted in the other! What were you feeding him? That face is just priceless. And, randomly, why did I think that Micah had dark hair? Weird.

  9. Micah looks so different in those pictures. If I had to pick him out of a line up I wouldn't have picked him! I just thought he looked different like Adrienne thought he had dark hair. The bracelets are beautiful! I boycotted sundance about 15 years ago (long story) but Fossil has really similar bracelets too. I love leather bracelets!


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