Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toadstool Terrarium part 2

I made my first one back in January... who knew it would take this long to make another! This could seriously be addictive if only I had the time to be addicted! 
 The photo above was taken with a light box- which mum and I finally ordered and is really awesome (though this is my first time using it and I only had one light ... and really no idea what I was doing)
 This one is not in a light box... because I was to lazy to get it out at this point... and below on the shelf above our dinning room table where it will live. It still need to do something with the three jars on the bottom shelf ... it will probably include felt but I don't think it will be a terrarium...
 And here's a shot of Micah (totally unedited as far as I know) a friend took this picture at the wedding. Look at those eyes! This little booger is almost 6 months old and he is all sort of mischievous already!
I have something fun to show you tomorrow... though I will probably post a little later in the day then normal...


  1. Darling terrarium. The picture of Micah is wonderful, his eyes!!! I love this face!

  2. Love your new terrarium!!!

    Was that one of the photos Lauren took? He looks too old!! So cute, but more grown up. She did good...

  3. Love your work, Girl!

  4. Cute picture of Michah, and I love those terrarium things! Awesome!

  5. Oooh I like it! I like that's it's two small mushrooms. And of course Micah is looking dashing as always! :)


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