Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kitchen Improvement

This wine rack has bugged me since we moved in. Yes I selected for it to be there (though honestly I have no idea why) but I never expected it to be all awkwardly up high like that and 5 years into living with it, it's become clear that it is completely useless we usually put a bunch of San Pellegrino up there for decoration and it all just collects dust and is a total pain to clean. Yesterday when I was deep cleaning the kitchen I realized that the wine rack is just held in with little finishing nails... awesome! 
So I talked to Uber about it and asked him to rip it out. But when I got up this morning I realized... who needs him! So I did it myself and I LOVE it! I have always wanted a book shelf in the kitchen and have been trying to figure out ways to put one in ... duh! I would still like to do something with the awkward space below the cabinet but for now I am extremely happy with this improvement.
P.S. Why can't I decide on a fabric and make myself a kitchen aide cover- so irritating!


  1. What a great idea!!! I love how it looks. Good job!

  2. REally? Finishing nails? Gosh. Not sure what to think about that since a bunch of wine bottles could get pretty heavy. Huh, finishing nails...

  3. That shelf looks great and will be much more useful. I have a big wine rack in my kitchen but it gets full of other bottles rarely all wine!

  4. Girl power! Who needs boys! Well... I don't really mean that...... So those nails... were they going to hold that thing up there full of wine?!?! The reason you can't make a kitchenaide cover for yourself is because you own a GORGEOUS red one and it wants to be on display! ;)

  5. Okay clever girl, now your a carpenter too?! Think this looks way better as a shelf, your kitchen is so pretty. Maybe you need to cover your kitchen aid while still displaying it, as in use some clear plastic on top so you can see the red and then your fabric accent on bottom, just thinkin, now if you have too much time on your hands you can come fix the drywall in my fam room!

  6. I love the shelf too! Those are my favorite home improvement projects-- FAST, easy, high impact (there aren't very many of those, though)(:

  7. I'm so glad to read your blog. it is very informative


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